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Who We Are

We dedicate our biodiesel experience to hurricane Katrina. My son and I worked for a large construction company. I was the foreman of the welding and machine shop. The Construction Company consumed about 9,000 gallons per day of petroleum diesel fuel. Overnight, after Katrina, we were without fuel and had no real time frame when our supply would be replenished. There was a Biodiesel plant in our home town of Dublin, Georgia that made about 6,000 gallons of fuel per week. I was given the task of ramping up the local biodiesel plant production, so we could survive without petroleum diesel.
From that point on we were on a fast track to learn all we could about the production of renewable energy (Biodiesel). In about two weeks we were able to meet our company’s needs and I was hooked for life.
As with all struggles, we sometimes forget what got us there in the first place. Point in reference here, is that once petroleum diesel started to flow again and petroleum prices started to drop, biodiesel production was not a main interest for the Construction Company any more.
After 28 years with the Construction Company, We left the company and started FM Mathis and Sons. We pursued others interested in making biodiesel. With the decline of the economy a few years ago and the loss of the tax credits we had to close FM Mathis and Sons and pursue work in the fabrication industry in which we were skilled.
In June of 2011 we were provided with another chance to build a new plant for a company. We then formed a new company Tactical Fabrication. Tactical Fabrication has the same objective: to build and maintain biofuel plants.